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BACG 'Crystals in Art' Competition

Crystals in Art 2020 Competition Winners

Sunrise Swords on the Frozen Lake

Sunrise Swords on the Frozen Lake

Entry: #4248 (1st Prize)

Contestant: Sean William Connolly

Affiliation: University of Kent

Object Imaged: Organic crystal of a Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adduct molecule

Conditions: Crystallised from Chloroform

Image taken with: Phone camera looking down microscope lens



Entry: #4272 (2nd Prize)

Contestant: Shiqiang Wang

Affiliation: University of Limerick 

Object Imaged: A coordination polymer or metal-organic framework crystallized for 1.5 years!

Conditions: The solution was heated at around 100 degree C for 1 day and then filtered to a new vial. The vial was left still for 1.5 years.

Image taken with: Microscope; MeiTu software

Colour of Life

Colour of Life

Entry: #4206 (3rd Prize)

Contestant: Rajshree Chakrabarti

Affiliation: University of Houston 

Object Imaged: Protoporphyrin IX

Conditions: Crystallised from butanol

Image taken with: Scanning Electron Microscope