Lifetime Achievement Award

Invitation for Nominations for Lifetime Membership of BACG

The committee of the BACG would like to invite members to nominate respected researchers in the Crystal Growth Community to receive lifetime membership of the BACG in recognition of their contribution to the advancement of knowledge in crystal growth and their standing within the UK crystal growth community.

Nominations may be put forward at any time and will be reviewed by the committee, seeking external guidance when needed.  Any candidates deemed to meet the criteria will be awarded the lifetime membership at the AGM.  It is anticipated that no more than 1-2 memberships will be offered in a given year.  If no suitable candidates are nominated in any given year, then no lifetime memberships will be awarded that year. Candidates do not need to be active members of BACG, but rather should have made a significant contribution to and hold significant standing within the community.



Criteria for Lifetime Achievement Award

A candidate must excel in the following areas. Whilst it is recognised that individuals have unique profiles, it is anticipated that a successful candidate should demonstrate activity in all areas.

1.  Scientific contribution including notable firsts

2. Leadership

3. Mentoring of ECRs

4. Longevity and contribution to wider community

Process for nomination:

Nominations should be presented in a short document covering no more than 2 pages and submitted by e-mail to  Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year, and no later than 1 month before the AGM takes place.  The document should demonstrate how the candidate meets the criteria using the following guidelines:

1. Scientific contribution including notable firsts:  The nomination should present an account of the scientific contribution including metrics and appropriate references.  Areas in which the nominee pioneered scientific approaches or understanding should be highlighted.


2. Leadership;  the nomination should demonstrate how the candidate has led the field and members of the community.  This might include particular projects or initiatives, by holding esteemed posts, or by leading researchers.


3. Mentoring of ECRs; The nomination should provide evidence of support of ECRs and other researchers in their development of knowledge and furtherance of their careers.


4. Longevity and contribution to wider community.  The nomination should provide evidence that the candidate has held a respected status within the crystal growth community for an extended period of time, demonstrating outstanding achievement throughout a sustained period.


Previous Award Winners

Nominate an Awardee

Persons wishing to submit nominations for the award should forward the relevant document to the following email address: