Welcome from our president



Crystal growth is important in many areas of science including mineralogy, chemistry, biology, physics encompassing both academic and industrial importance. To allow an interaction between these various disciplines the British Association for Crystal Growth was created in 1969 with F C Frank as the first President. Since then and primarily through the annual BACG conference scientists with a range of interest and objectives have been provided with an opportunity to meet and learn from each other’s skills and strengths. The experimental techniques applicable to the study of crystals have improved almost beyond recognition since 1969, as has the ability to model crystals at the electronic and atomistic level. This means that we can study crystals over the entire range of length and timescales, using a range of complementary techniques. Whether the final goal is improving crystallization for production of pharmaceuticals, pigments, electronics, other speciality functional materials or bulk chemicals, we all have much to learn from each other.

I was elected President at the 2019 meeting in London, where we celebrated the 50th year of the BACG. It has a wonderful history, as recorded at the 40th anniversary. That meeting showed the huge diversity of scientists active in the field, with many lively discussions between the younger members of the community and some of the pioneers in the field. The BACG has a mission to ensure an ongoing excellence in crystal growth by helping development of all scientists interested in the field.

The Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on our ability to travel and meet in person. The 2021 BACG meeting, which was joint with the British Crystallographic Association meeting, was an online event. It showed that we have a vibrant community from the quality of the science presented. However, I did miss the opportunity to talk individually with the presenters, old friends and collaborators, and meet new people. The BACG committee would welcome input into how we can adapt the groups meetings and activities to best serve the community and complement other like-minded societies.

As President I welcome you to the BACG and if not already a member I encourage you to join and participate in the group and its exciting conferences and other activities. I look forwarded to seeing you.

Sally Price

Prof Sarah (Sally) Price, FRS